• Localization of UI terms and docs for CAD, CAM, CAE, BIM software with version/terminology maintenance.

  • Expert level translations of technical documents including product sheets, brochures, manuals etc. 

  • Translation memory (TM) technology using CAT tool for every translation



  • Mechanical engineering, Industry 4.0, automotive, machining, additive manufacturing

  • Plant automatization, simulations and testing

  • Electronics, smart-home equipment, appliances

  • Non-destructive testing, acoustic emission



  • Exclusion of already translated texts from new quotes

  • Prompt processing of translation projects

  • Cost-effective project realization

  • Consistent translations

  • Easy inter-version management

  • Quick implementation of terminology updates



How do the TM translations actually work?

It should be noted that the very first round of translation must always cover the entire volume of text. The translation is stored in the TM in form of bilingual pairs. When a next version of file gets translated, the software uses automated approach and searches the TM for already translated pairs. As a result, only new/updated segments are listed for translation in the second round.

We have an older manual already translated. Is this translation somehow reusable?

Yes, although there are certain limitations. We can try to align the text into bilingual pair and create the TM explicitly. Then, the aligned TM can be applied to new version of the text or manual.

Can you screen-capture images from localized versions of software?

Yes. When we finish translation of UI terms, we usually proceed to translate documentation, e.g. online help collection. Original images within the help files are then replaced with property-identical localized images.

What software product have you localized?

Examples include Alphacam, AutoCAD, CAMWorks, Cimatron E, Edgecam, Inventor, NX, Solid Edge, Teamcenter, and Vericut.

We have a few product videos on YouTube in English. Can you provide Czech subtitles in industry-standard format?

Yes, it is possible. Either we take the original subtitles file, if available, or we can generate the original subtitles directly from the video. Then, we deliver a single SRT file with Czech subtitles including time marks.  



Acronis, Adobe, Archicad, Autodesk, Beckman Coulter, Canon, CGTech, Cimatron, Honeywell, Karat, Lenovo, Omron, Philips, PrintSoft, Siemens PLM Software, Sony, SolidWorks, Vero, Volvo Trucks, Scaniaern Digital. 



Transcad CZ, s.r.o.

Smetanova 2, 67801 Blansko, Czechia

Phones: +420 775555908, +420 775555909